Webinars and More

Webinar Module

Webvent helps you manage webinars and online events from start to finish in one application. Webvent can save up to 80% of the cost and effort for hosting events online, compared to using separate systems for content, invitations, registration, payments, web conferencing, and archived material.


The Webvent Process

Manage your Webinars from Start-to-Finish

Contact us for our Hosted Webinar Services, which include:

  • Setup webinar web site (webinar details, presenters, sponsors, calendar)
  • Invite others, Share with others
  • Presenter practice session
  • Live webinar hosting by a Webvent professional
  • Live online support for attendees during Webinar
  • Archiving (convert recording into YouTube, slides, additional materials)
  • Follow-up email to all registered people (including link to recording)
  • Reporting (who registered, attended, watched recording)

See Our Webinar Presenters In Action

These subject matter experts produce and moderate the content that brings professionals together to learn, connect, and interact with peers. If you are interested in becoming one of them, contact us.