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With more than 500,000 registered members, growing at an average of 6,000-10,000 new registrants per month, HealthCarePoint has become one of the fastest growing networks in healthcare and clinical research and is poised to save the industry (Sponsors, CROs, Investigator Sites, IRBs, and Regulatory Agencies among others) billions of dollars in time and resources.

Members use our cutting edge  networking technologies to streamline business and compliance processes by connecting organizations, their employees and contractors through our VIP Opt-In collaborative networks in order to perform daily tasks and activities, exchange and update information in real time. Members also use our leverage to save time and financial resources on millions of products, services and specialties used in the everyday supply/service chain management of healthcare and clinical research.

This first-of-its-kind platform contains the following seamless integrated applications:

  • The TrainingCampus® Network,
  • The International Electronic Education Network (IEEN®)
  • The PET-ABC® Network Application
  • The PET-Share™ Networking Application
  • The PET-Exchange™ Networking Application
  • The Clinical E-Learning™ Management System
  • The CME-CE Management System
  • The e-Commerce Management System
  • The HealthCarePoint Purchasing Club

These applications encompass an array of networking services including the sharing of verified Personal Experience and Training (PET) records, permission-based and opt-in authorized exchange of professional information, business managerial tools, compliance tracking, customs logistics, global training/education, certification and accreditation provider network and an electronic purchasing club, among other services.


  • PET-ABC® Network Application

    Used by organizations as a locally centralized electronic regulatory file, the Personal Experience and Training Accounts for Business and Compliance PET-ABC® is a FREE web based application that allows organizations to maintain up to date PV records for all personnel, i.e., resumes, job descriptions, licenses, diplomas, training, education and certification documentation organized in order to maintain up to date compliance with regulatory agencies at the local level. Set reminders, Track your Past, Present and Future P.E.T records no matter who provides them or where they come from. Hospitals, investigator sites, sponsors, IRBs, CROs and other management organizations can then use the PET-Exchange and the PET-Share micro applications to exchange and share PET information through a private permission based network.

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    PET-ABC® Network Application
  • PET-Exchange Network™ Application

    A micro application within the PET-ABC - Used to verify up to date PET records from the IEEN® network in order to help PM and HR managers screen new employees, contractors and investigator sites personnel participating in clinical trials by using an approved permission based security opt-in methodology. Application is also used by hospitals and investigator sites to manage compliance with transnational healthcare and clinical research regulatory agencies and their PET requirements. This application has proven to save organizations thousands of dollars in managerial and administrative costs.

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    PET-Exchange Network™ Application
  • PET-Share Network™ Application

    A micro application within the PET-ABC - Allows managers of organizations, to verify and to share employees and contractors PET records with other organizations through a VIP permission-based network. This application has proven to save organizations thousands of dollars by eliminating redundancies and administrative costs when the same records are required by multiple organizations, in multiple clinical trials, or multiple healthcare related projects.

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    PET-Share Network™ Application
  • Global Electronic Purchasing Club

    A global network of healthcare and clinical research providers offering thousands of products, services and specialties which are incorporated and integrated into a single-point-ordering-system. From training and educational products to discounted (B-B) medical supplies, medical equipment, business and liability insurance and more, offered at pre-negotiated pricing ranging from 10% to 80% discounts. Many more products, services and specialty provider types are being screened at this time. Ordering from providers can be accessed 24/7 using the HealthCarePoint Transnational Collaborative Networks.

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    Global Electronic Purchasing Club
  • IEEN® Network Management System

    The International Electronic Education Network (IEEN)® – A Business to Business (B-B) Global collaborative marketplace where dozens of government, academia, authors, trainers, educators, consultants, trademark/copyright holders, publishing houses, and accrediting agencies create a series of private and shareable libraries of education, training and certification programs. View and choose free and discounted pay-per-use training and educational programs from providers around the world.  Some examples: SCID IV, C-SSRS, NIHSS, Rankin, CDISC Standards, VIP, POMA, mSAS, AIMS, BARS, DISCUS, PASS, TUG, plus much more! This application has proven to be the perfect distribution vehicle for authors and educators and has proven to minimize fraud and abuse by being able to police potential copyright infringement.

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    IEEN® Network Management System
  • Ce-Learning- Management System

    Clinical e-Learning Management System – Created specifically for the healthcare and clinical research industry, this application empowers managers with the ability to develop private, public or shareable activities, manage users and control reporting on and off line.  Using the latest “Blended Learning” tools to Develop, Deliver and Manage Curricula, Courses, Modules, Scales, Just-in-time SOP’s, Just-in-time Protocol Changes on demand  (In Less than 1 minute) automating Version Control challenges. Create generic modules which can be used privately or shared with other organizations. This application has proven to save educators thousands of dollars in technology development, management, customer support and administrative costs.

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    Ce-Learning- Management System
  • CME-Management System

    The Continuing Medical Education Management System was created for accrediting providers – Helps develop, manage and track the complete CME-CH process on demand in order to keep track of CE compliance assignments and information collected from accredited activities. This application has proven to save accrediting providers hundreds of thousands of dollars in administrative, customer support, technology development and integration costs.

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    CME-Management System
  • E-COMMERCE – Management System

    Offers, delivers and collects transnational payments from sales of activities created and published by IEEN members. Allows managers to create project bundles and discount packages, using customized codes, to help organize individualized strategic and marketing campaigns. This application has proven to save organizations thousands of dollars in bank fees, administrative, customer support, technology development and integration costs.

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    E-COMMERCE – Management System
  • CustomsPoint – Application

    A patented application that manages the logistics and the compliance tracking of products when being shipped transnationaly. As an important part of the supply chain process, this application has proven to save organizations millions of dollars in managing and tracking the customs compliance process.

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    CustomsPoint – Application




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