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The World Cup was inspiring to say the least! It inspired me to travel to Spain next year, ha! Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, discounted travel, and our international business culture, the world has become a MUCH smaller place- so take advantage of that.

There are many potential benefits to marrying someone from another country: (1.) possibility of dual citizenship for you and any children you may have together; (2.) overall greater mobility; (3.) ability to travel and experience another culture. In a global, ever changing economy and, sometimes turbulent and unstable world, these can prove to be invaluable benefits. 

My point of reference for this post is Europe as that is where I have the most experience. However, if you have experience with meeting men from Latin and South America or Asia, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to share in the comments section.

So what are some ways to expand your international network? First ask yourself: who do I want to meet? Make a list: French, German, Spanish, Australian, Brazilian, etc. Then:

Go Online

Many online dating sites have special interest areas- see if yours does. You can also try or try internationally focused dating websites like:






You can also try Yahoo Personals in different countries and regions like www.yahoo.com/fr or www.yahoo.com/uk.

Understand The Power Of Your Network

In Europe people often meet at dinner parties or from personal introduction. First Lady of France Carla Bruni met President Nicolas Sarkozy this way.

Look for interest groups related to Europe, Europeans, languages, etc. Colleges, universities, MeetUp.com, and community centers are great starting points. Many major cities have cultural pockets, find out where they are and become a regular.


Take a little time to learn about his culture. Find out how women are viewed/treated in his culture. What are the relationsh rules of engagement in his culture? Also learn the language basics. Khadija over on Sojourner’s Passport has some excellent resources for this.

Travel! Travel! Travel!

Traveling, if done right, can be a fun and mind expanding experience. I highly recommend it! It also makes you feel great and builds your confidence. It also makes you more interesting. When you’re happy, interesting, and different men will take notice!


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