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Introduction to the RIMS Marketplace

Thursday, March 13, 2014 7:00pm - 7:30pm EDT  
Host: RIMS Buyers Guide
By: sean soth, President, Hi-Fidelity Group, Inc. and Webvent, Inc.

Learn how your organization can build a dynamic company profile to reach RIMS members and other risk professionals year-round.

This webcast will share the features and benefits available to advertisers. Join the many organizations building RIMS Marketplace profiles to share: their website, product and service links, documents and content marketing, social media integration, video, and much more.

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sean soth
sean soth

President, Hi-Fidelity Group, Inc. and Webvent, Inc.

About Sean Soth:   Sean is President of Hi-Fidelity Media Inc. and Co-Founder of Webvent, Inc.  He has worked with more than 150 conferences and events as an exhibitor, show producer, and sales/marketing executive. His experience has allowed him to work with thousands of exhibitors on their individual event and marketing plans, focusing on both Return On Objective (ROO) and Return On Investent (ROI) strategies. 

With Webvent, Sean and his team help associations, publishers, and event producers create digital experiences that drive customer and audience engagement.  With Webvent's Adaptive Media Networks, advertisers can now reach a captive audience with all of the content and customer engagement they need to stay visible year-round.

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