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Intro to Electric Utilities for the Solar Sector (Washington, DC)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 8:00am - 4:00pm EST  
Host: Solar Electric Power Association

SEPA is partnering with leading energy education specialist Enerdynamics to offer Intro to Electric Utilities for the Solar Sector. This interactive two-day seminar will provide a comprehensive understanding of the electric utility industry and how your company’s solar products and services fit into the utility business model. For those who are new to working with utilities, or even veterans needing a refresher on how the pieces fit together, Intro to Electric Utilities for the Solar Sector was designed to help you make sense out of this complex and rapidly changing industry. You will learn about the physical electrical system and how it's operated, why the industry is regulated and what electric deregulation changes, what types of risk energy companies encounter and how they mitigate them, how electric markets work and prices are set, how you can more strategically work with utilities, and much more.

This course was designed with your participation in mind! Questions and discussion among attendees are highly encouraged. And you will participate in a number of individual and group exercises that will give you a real-world perspective of the utility industry. Whether you work in the distributed or centralized solar markets, you will leave this information-packed seminar with relevant and current information that can be applied immediately to your work!

Prerequisites: None

Workshop Dates/Locations:

  • November 9-10, Washington, DC - Host: SEPA
  • November 16-17, Las Vegas, NV - Utility Host: NV Energy
  • December 6-7, Orlando, FL - Utility Host: Orlando Utilities Commission
  • December 13-14, Phoenix, AZ - Utility Host: Arizona Public Service

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