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Prime Contractor and Subcontractor Management of Government Property

Thursday, October 25, 2018 12:00pm - 1:30pm EDT  
Host: Contract Management Resource Directory (DELETED)

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Regarding government property, the application of the proper flow-down requirements from the prime contractor to the subcontractor are often hidden amongst and between various clausal requirements. This session will provide careful analysis of both the prime’s and sub’s responsibilities regarding government property in their possession—including property management and risk of loss/liability provisions.

Learning Objectives:

Recognize the flow-down requirements from prime contractor to subcontractor
Determine the proper risk of loss/liability provision to apply for the loss of government property in the possession of the subcontractor
Key terms and conditions to be included in subcontracts and purchase orders regarding government property in the possession of subcontractors


Douglas GoetzDr. Douglas N. Goetz, CPPM, CF, MIAM


GP Consultants LLC

Dr. Douglas Goetz has had extensive experience as a property administrator within DOD. He served as the National Editor of the Property Professional for 20 years and is now the Editor Emeritus. He also previously served as a professor for the Defense Contract Property Management Series of courses offered at AFIT and DAU, where he designed and developed curricula for the DOD Industrial/Contract Property Series (GS-1103). He also chaired the DFARS Supplement 3 Rewrite Committee, where he was the principal author responsible for the creation of the original DOD property manual, DoD 4161.2-M, used by all government property administrators in the performance of their jobs.


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