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Sites NOW-Budgets and Contracts

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 11:30am - 1:30pm EDT  
Host: Sites NOW
By: Michael Jay, Senior Project Manager, Society for Clinical Research Sites and Sean Soth, SVP, Strategy & Global Business Partnerships, SCRS

The Sites NOW supporter community will discuss the opportunity and impact that budgets and contracts have on site and study success.  Exploring:

-Are your terms hurting outcomes?

-What sites want sponsors and CROs to know about their next contract.

-How solution providers impact CTAs and what they should know.

Available only to Sites NOW supporters. 


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Michael Jay
Michael Jay

Senior Project Manager, Society for Clinical Research Sites

Prior to joining SCRS in 2016, Michael successfully negotiated and executed hundreds of clinical trial contracts on behalf of the RxTrials site network, and is recognized in the industry for his comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of conducting clinical trials. He has spoken frequently at conferences held by SCRS, ACRP, DIA, SCOPE and the Society of Research Administrators.

Sean Soth
Sean Soth

SVP, Strategy & Global Business Partnerships, SCRS

"Site success impacts everyone in research" is the mission that drives Sean and his team as Vice President of Business Partnerships for SCRS. With more than 15 years experience in clinical business development and a background in association management, Sean works to connect sponsors, CROs and solution providers within the SCRS community.