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The Evolution of Patient Engagement and Service

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 11:30am - 1:30pm EST  
Host: Sites NOW
By: Deena Bernstein, SVP of Network , Circuit Clinical ; Irfan Khan, CEO, TrialScout; and Sean Soth, SVP, Strategy & Global Business Partnerships, SCRS

The SCRS Sites NOW community connects on the evolution of patient centricity.  How have "patient first" concepts improved and changed activities and study design at the site level.  Learn and discuss the benefits of a patient centric approach while exploring new ideas for patient opportunities within your own organization 


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Deena Bernstein
Deena Bernstein

SVP of Network, Circuit Clinical

Deena Bernstein is a clinical research industry leader with over twenty years of clinical
research site operations and development expertise.
Deena joined Circuit Clinical® in August 2019 as their Senior Strategic Advisor/VP
Executive. She introduced and rolled out TrialScout™, (Yelp for Clinical Trials) to site
clients and led the Circuit’s first growth and site expansion initiatives.
Her first array in clinical research was at Sheridan Clinical Research where she created
and developed their first research program from its inception which supported an
organization of over 6500 physicians Nationwide which deployed clinical research. She
also, started their investigator initiated research program, Sheridan Scientific Intelligence. 

Deena served as VP, Site Services at Qcare, (IQVIA) where she developed and
operated its first SMO from the ground floor. She on-boarded Qcare’s first eight sites
and built the infrastructure of the business unit. 

Irfan Khan
Irfan Khan

CEO, TrialScout

Dr. Irfan Khan is the founder and CEO of Circuit Clinical, an Integrated Research
Organization (IRO) headquartered in upstate NY. Over the last five years he has
overseen Circuit Clinical’s growth to more than two million patients, involving 30+ multi-
specialty physician practices and partnering with multiple Accountable Care

Dr. Khan is a board-certified cardiac electrophysiologist who has served as a principal
investigator on both therapeutic and device clinical trials for more than a decade. He is
a Fellow of both the American College of Cardiology and Heart Rhythm Society and
served as Director of Electrophysiology for Catholic Health of Western New York.

Dr. Khan is passionate about community engagement and patient education and
empowerment. He is a frequent speaker at both academic and public health
conferences, including TEDx. His key areas of interest are barriers to participation,
patient experience, and the intersection of technology and care delivery. Most recently
his work at Circuit Clinical is centered on the development and deployment of
technologies to assist patient experience and engagement in clinical trials through the
first-ever platform that provides patient ratings and reviews of clinical trials sites.

Sean Soth
Sean Soth

SVP, Strategy & Global Business Partnerships, SCRS

"Site success impacts everyone in research" is the mission that drives Sean and his team as Vice President of Business Partnerships for SCRS. With more than 15 years experience in clinical business development and a background in association management, Sean works to connect sponsors, CROs and solution providers within the SCRS community.