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Oncology NOW: What's Impacting Oncology Sites in 2021

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 11:30am - 1:30pm EST  
Host: Sites NOW
By: Sandy Smith, Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions and Strategic Partners, WCG Clinical

Oncology clinical trials have not been spared the challenges associated with the resulting changes that 2020 has brought. SCRS's SitesNOW programming brings our industry partners and sites together to learn about and discuss those challenges, coming away with some key learnings that we can all work towards going forward. Sandy Smith, the incumbent Chair of the SCRS Oncology Program will kick the session off with an introduction on the state and future of oncology trials, leading into the attendees breaking out into teams to address and tackle important questions and coming up with those key lernings. 


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Sandy Smith
Sandy Smith

Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions and Strategic Partners, WCG Clinical

As Senior Vice President, Clinical Solutions and Strategic Partnerships for WCG, Sandy Smith, RN, MSN, AOCN, strategically aligns clinical solutions to support sites to enhance their clinical trials processes. Sandy is an oncology-focused healthcare leader who has held diverse roles in corporate, community-based practice and hospital settings. She has spent her career partnering with physicians and other healthcare stakeholders to drive customer value and clinical excellence in patient-centric oncology services. Prior to WCG, she was Vice President of US Oncology Research, an oncology-specific site management organization of independent practices and hospital-based research programs. Sandy was responsible for developing strategic partnerships with sponsors and sites to expand clinical trials services in early and late phase trials and launched a gene and cell therapy program. She worked with more than 1,000 investigators and their site staff to integrate lean six sigma processes and technology solutions to redesign clinical trial workflows for operational efficiency, reduced study start-up times, and data integrity.