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State of the Clinical Workforce

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 11:30am - 12:45pm EDT  
Host: Sites NOW
By: Nicole Mills, Director, Clinical Research, Medix

The clinical workforce continues to evolve before and during the pandemic, and will be a critical success factor for sites and the studies they work on. In this session, clinical workforce leaders will share current considerations and trends for teams managing clinical trials for now and what is ahead. Join the discussion to understand where your team's advantages and gaps might be for today and tomorrow's clinical workforce.


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Nicole Mills
Nicole Mills

Director, Clinical Research, Medix

Nicole Mills, MS-CRM joined Medix as a Director of Clinical Research, bringing with her 15 years understanding of problems facing sites today. She has her Masters Degree in Clinical Research Management and functions as the program developer and manager for training and development for Medix as well as industry consultant. She has held various positions ranging from research director to business development for several site management organizations as well as community and academic hospital systems. Nicole is a past-president of the Phoenix Chapter of ACRP, has been an active board member for over 8 years, and is a certified trainer for the ACRP CRC Training Classes