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Global Summit Preview: The Impact of Successful Site Relationships

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 1:00pm - 2:15pm EDT  
Host: Sites NOW
By: Darren Cowan, Area Head, Americas Global Site & Study Operations, Pfizer; Karen McIntyre, Global Lead Catalyst Program and Site Relationships, Syneos Health; and David Vulcano, Vice President, Research Compliance & Integrity, HCA Healthcare

Join the SCRS Sites NOW community as we discuss the importance of collaboration within the clinical enterprise.  2020 SCRS Eagle Award Recipients (Pfizer and Syneos) will join an award winning panel of sites.  Join SCRS as we discuss best practices for effective communication, ongoing feedback, and the advantages of great relationships between sites, solution providers, CROs and sponsors.  


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Darren Cowan
Darren Cowan

Area Head, Americas Global Site & Study Operations, Pfizer

Darren joined Pfizer in 2000 and has held various Clinical Operations roles in both Canada and United States and currently works out of the New York Headquarters Office in the role of Area Head for the Americas.

In this current remit Darren has overall responsibility for and accountability to deliver strategic and operational direction to the area management teams, & to ensure deep understanding of and execution to departmental strategies, culture, and goals. Additionally, Darren sponsors workstreams in technology, flexible trial locations, diversity, and investigator training.

Prior to joining Pfizer, Darren worked in a variety of nursing specialties including emergency, psychiatry, corrections, community, education, and remote telemedicine.

Karen McIntyre
Karen McIntyre

Global Lead Catalyst Program and Site Relationships, Syneos Health

Karen has 28 years’ experience in a clinical research organization (CRO) and Site Management Organisation (SMO) in a variety of positions. From Study Site coordinator to Head of a Site Management Organization. Karen brings extensive experience in variety of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular and metabolic disorder, women’s health, neuroscience and infectious diseases in phase II through phase IV clinical trials. With a special interest in site support Karen has been involved in the development of Site Support Management tools with the goal to improve quality, transparency and compliance across investigative sites since 2005. Karen is also an active member of NREC in Scotland.

David Vulcano
David Vulcano

Vice President, Research Compliance & Integrity, HCA Healthcare

David is a well-known leader in the clinical research industry through numerous associations, boards and initiatives. Among other things he is currently employed by HCA Healthcare, the largest private healthcare provider in the United States, as the Responsible Executive for Clinical Research for their portfolio of healthcare provider and technology companies. He lives in Brentwood, TN where he involves himself in work, family life and other charitable and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Member, SCRS Leadership Council

Inaugural Recipient, Christine K. Pierre Site Impact Award