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Closing the Gap on Clinical Tech for Sites

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 12:00pm - 1:15pm EDT  
Host: Sites NOW
By: Henry Kravchenko, CEO, Clinical.ly; Mark Ryan, VP, Head of Site Management Americas, Bayer; Gary Swartz, Executive Director, Head of Client Technology Partners, Parexel; and Shivani Shah, Executive Director of Clinical Operations, DM Clinical Research

New clinical technologies are being developed at a rapid pace to solve study-facing challenges.  However, the ongoing barriers of training, implementation and use can continually impact research site operations and outcomes.  Technology innovation often gives way to burden without the insight of practical approaches and understanding of site applications. Join the SCRS community and a panel of experts as we discuss the implications of adopting new clinical technology from the site and industry levels. 

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What are main considerations and who is making tech decisions at the site level? Who are we solving for?
  • When adopting new technology, how do we minimize risk for sites?
  • How do we address training? 


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Henry Kravchenko
Henry Kravchenko

CEO, Clinical.ly

Henry Kravchenko is the founder and CEO of Clinical.ly, a technology company with the mission to provide clinical trials software that puts you in control. His goal is to work closely with the research community & incorporate customer feedback into everything Clinical.ly does. Henry aims to bring the latest advancements in intuitive, web-based technology to clinical research organizations. Clinical.ly’s technology enables its customers to better serve patients and sponsors.

Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan

VP, Head of Site Management Americas, Bayer

Mark has worked in the pharma industry for over 25 years. Mark is currently VP, Head of Site Management Americas Region. His oversight includes Canada, the US and LATAM. His group is responsible for all Phase I-III clinical trials across various therapeutic areas including Cardiovascular, Women’s Healthcare & Oncology. Prior to his time at Bayer, Mark was a study coordinator at a clinical research site. Mark holds a BA in Psychology from Penn State University and an MBA from the University of New Haven.   

Gary Swartz
Gary Swartz

Executive Director, Head of Client Technology Partners, Parexel

As Executive Director, Head of Client Technology Partners at Parexel, Gary brings more than 25 years of technology design and implementation into his team's clinical trial work.  Mr. Swartz's current projects include the design and delivery of eCOA, DCT and other digital health platforms into Parexel's extensive portfolio of programs.  Gary has an MBA from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada and an BS Electrical Engineering Technology from DeVry University in Toronto, Canada.

Shivani Shah
Shivani Shah

Executive Director of Clinical Operations, DM Clinical Research

An extremely motivated professional with over 13 years of experience in the clinical research arena in a variety of positions, currently as the Executive Director of Clinical Operations for DM Clinical Research. Passionate about Project Management, Patient Enrollment, developing and maintaining robust Data Quality Metrics, and initiatives for scaling up and efficient management of clinical studies. Therapeutic Area focus - Vaccines (Adults and Pediatrics) Pulmonology, Neurology, Rheumatology.